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9:30 – Auditorium
AI, a tool for co-creating narratives
Isabelita Virtual-Isabel Martínez, Creative Strategist, Ex-Meta
Introduction: Sashka Krtolica (FCRIB)

9:30 – Room 201
AI in communication: how to embrace technological innovation and address its risks?
Ismael Nafría, independent media consultant, and Neus Tomàs, deputy director of elDiario.es
Moderator: Karma Peiró (FCRIB)

11:00 – Auditorium
War Journalism, at War?
Salah Jamal, Palestinian doctor, columnist, and writer; Ofer Laszewicki, reporter, former correspondent in Israel/Palestine and alumnus; and Geni Lozano, reporter at TV3 and former correspondent in the Middle East and the US
Moderator: Montserrat Arbós (FCRIB)

11:00 – Room 201
Communicators Beyond Communication: Professionals Surfing in a Changing World
Esteban Redolfi, Managing Director of Interprofit, former Director of Innovation at Fira de Barcelona, former Director of Strategy and Innovation at the Princess of Girona Foundation and professor at FCRIB
Introduction: Jordi Collell (FCRIB)
(In English)

12:30 – Auditorium
AI and the transformation of audiovisual content creation
Ariadna Arnés, photographer, and Jorge Caballero, telecommunications technical engineer and audiovisual communicator
Moderator: Jaume Benet (FCRIB)

12:30 – Room 201
Genocide: Past and Present
Meritxell Regué, Solicitor at the International Criminal Court
Introduction: Carles Fernandez Torne (FCRIB)
Contributor: Martina Barrés, 4th-year student of International  Relations
(In English)

12:30 – Room 202
Humanitarian upheavals: how to face them?
Clara Cadena, Programs Manager at Light House Relief in Greece, and Alain Kergoat, technical specialist – humanitarian response at Medicus Mundi
Moderator: Alba Sabaté (FCRIB)

14:00-17:00 – Cafeteria
“BlanQuè?” live 
Presentation of the Faculty’s Twitch channel
Star guests, gifts, games, talks with spectators and many more surprises!
Follow us on Twitch (@Blanquerna_FCRI) and on our social media so you don’t miss out on the news of the inauguration.
Responsible: Communication Department

14:30-16:30 – Auditorium
Screening of the short films created by Audiovisual Communication students
With the creative teams of each short film
Introduction: Carlos Bria (FCRIB)

15:00 – Room 201
Now women speak
Presentation of the following books: La terra dura by Anna Punsoda, reporter, publisher, translator and alumna; and Casada i callada by Emma Zafón, reporter and writer
Moderators: Laia Arànega, 2nd-year student of Advertising, Public Relations and Marketing, and Lana Kazkaz, researcher at FCRIB

16:30 – Room 202
Kings League: the perfect ‘symbiosis’ between sports and entertainment
Víctor Navarro, Host-Kings League and alumnus; Oriol Querol, CEO-Kings League and alumnus; and Anna Tormo, Digital Manager-Kings League and alumna
Moderator: Joan Maria Clavaguera (FCRIB)

16:30 – Room 201
Painting with words: AI applied to advertising creativity
Ramon Castillo, Creative Director at Paradigma and AI Creator
Introduction: Josep Maria Picola (FCRIB)

18:00 – Auditorium
Award ceremony of the Blanquerna Awards and Alumni Ambassadors

Blanquerna 2023 Best Communicator Award:
Palestinian and Israeli Journalists for Peace:
Muath Hamed – representing Palestinian journalists in Gaza
Gideon Levy – representing critical Israeli journalists

Blanquerna International Relations Award 2023:
Salah Jamal and Dominique Salomon on behalf of Junts – Catalan Association of Jews and Palestinians.