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9:30 – Auditorium
If AI is the answer, what was the question?
Josep M. Ganyet, IT engineer and communicator
Introduction: Jaume Benet (FCRIB)

11:00 – Auditorium
If one day your head explodes.

Mental health and communication
Raquel Picolo, writer and author of Art Brut, and Mònica Ramoneda, journalist specialized in scientific communication and author of Internament, a book inspired by her real case of a diagnosis of depression
Moderators: Laia Simón and Irene Súñer, 3rd-year students of Digital Communication

11:00 – Room 202
The media in the Arab world
Jairo Lugo-Ocando, Dean of the School of Communication-Sharjah University
Introduction: Miguel Franquet (FCRIB)

11:00 – Room 201
Elections in the European Parliament. Is the EU in crisis?
Raül Romeva, politician, writer, economist and former Member of the European Parliament
Introduction: Mercè Kirchner (FCRIB)
Contributor: Miquel Martínez, 4th-year student of International Relations
(In English)

Seminar assignment

12:30 – Room 201
Unveiling the Challenges to Freedom and Human Rights in Iran:
the Ripple Effect on Quality of Life in a Middle Eastern Maze

Ryma Sheermohammadi, translator and Iranian activist
Introduction: Toni Castells (FCRIB)
(In English)

12.30 – Room 202
Journalists under scrutiny
Alfonso Bauluz, president of Reporters Without Borders; Muath Hamed, Palestinian journalist who is a refugee in Spain; and Patricia Simón, reporter and writer
Moderator: Pere Franch (FCRIB)

14:00 – Auditorium
Humor today
Pep Plaza, comedian
Introduction: Andrea Daza (FCRIB)

15:00 – Room 201
Free to leave or free to stay?
Maria d’Oultremont, screenwriter of the short documentary “C’est pas facile” by Ojalá Projects and alumna; and Elisabet Ureña, head of the Migration Program at Caritas Diocese of Barcelona
Moderator: Jordi Sànchez (FCRIB)

16:30 – Auditorium
Health blockade on Palestinian women with cancer
Movie forum and screening of the documentary “Condenadas en Gaza”
Beatriz Lecumberri, journalist and co-director of the documentary
Introduction: Sandra Balsells (FCRIB)

16:30 – Studio 1
Som o què som? (Are we or what are we?) Play
[Adaption of “Ser-ho o no” (To be it or not), by Jean-Claude Grumberg]
Actors: Josep M. Roviralta and David Serrano (Somdos Teatre)

(Once the performance has started, no entry or exit is allowed. The use of mobile phones to take photos is not permitted. At the end of the performance, you will have the opportunity to interview the actors. The company can provide high-resolution images of the performance for the magazine)