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9:30 – Auditorium
Censored, threatened, forbidden culture… and now, culture reclaimed
Carles Guerra, artist, university professor and art critic. Artistic director of the Museum of Forbidden Art in Barcelona
Introduction: Marc Polo, Dean of FCRIB

11:00 – Auditorium
The War on ‘Woke’: Free Speech and ‘Cancel Culture’ 
John Steel, Research Professor in Journalism-University of Derby, UK
Introduction: Miguel Franquet (FCRIB)
(In English)

11:00 – Room B23
Dystopias, Futurephobia, and Capitalist Realism

Oriol Rosell, cultural communicator and critic
Moderators: Federico Guerrero (FCRIB) and Aina García Mestre (second-year student of International Relations)

11:00 – Room 201
The BRICS+6. A New Economic Order?
Javier Albarracín, expert consultant in Muslim markets and consumers, and professor at FCRIB.
Introduction: Xavi Martí-González (FCRIB)
Contributors: Arnau Puig Alsina and Kelly Crizalda Christopher Pondamale,
second-year students of International Relations
(In English)

12:30 – Seminar assignment

12:30 – Room 201
How to Navigate, Restore Stability and Rebuild for Peace in an Ever-Changing International Landscape
Emmanuelle Diehl, Senior Consultant in International Relations
Introduction: Miguel Franquet (FCRIB)
(In English)

12:30 – Room B23
The human revolution: from inner transformation to social construction
Enrique Caputo, managing director of Soka Gakkai in Spain-Nichiren Buddhism; and Elizabeth Ortiz, head of Soka Gakkai in Barcelona
Moderator: Aníbal Salazar Anglada (FCRIB)

15:00 – Room 202
Writing in progress
Eduard Márquez, writer and author of the novel 1969
Moderators: David Serrano (FCRIB) and Víctor Masip, third-year student of Journalism and Corporate Communication

15:00 – Room 201
Shared reflections on suicide
Dr. Francesc Sainz, psychoanalyst (SEP/IPA), professor at UAB and
president and academic director of the Catalan Institute Donald W. Winnicott
Introduction: Ignasi Boada (FCRIB)

16:30 – Auditorium
The joruney of broken dreams
Movie forum and screening of the documentary film: “Until he’s back”
Guillem Trius, photojournalist, documentary videographer and alumnus
Introduction: Sandra Balsells (FCRIB)

16:30 – Room 201
Mega music festivals as a metaphor for predatory capitalism 
Nando Cruz, music journalist, and Jordi Turtós, music journalist and critic
Moderator: Jaume Radigales (FCRIB)

19:30 – Auditorium
“Mestres de la Comunicació” (Masters of Communication) Award Ceremony

Mestra 2023 in Advertising:
Muntsa Dachs (Gloss: Camil Roca)

Mestra 2023 in Public Relations:
Maria Lluïsa Martínez (Gloss: Joan Cuenca)

Mestre 2023 in Journalism:
Joan Maria Clavaguera (Gloss: Marçal Sintes)