Living in times of constant transformation

The XXX Blanquerna Days Conference, scheduled for March 4th, 5th, and 6th, 2024, will be dedicated to reflecting on the tumultuous times we are experiencing.

In addition to the demise of the grand narratives that once structured social and political life (Lyotard), recent decades have seen the emergence of other challenges stemming from humanity’s exponential capacity to impact the planet and all living beings, the full effects of which we cannot entirely foresee. The climate and environmental crisis, the progressive and rapid development of generative artificial intelligence systems, the proliferation of armed conflicts involving nuclear powers, the diagnosed mental health crisis, and threats to freedom of expression are among the challenges posed by our uncertain present. With the assistance of various personalities from the academic and professional world, we aim to outline a diagnosis of the causes and reasons behind these issues over these three days, while also reflecting on potential solutions.