GCM Activities

Third year students visit “El Nacional”

El Nacional opened its doors in 2014, and since then, has become a symbol of local cuisine in Barcelona. It is the first restaurant in the city to present this innovative concept of gastronomic multispace, where each of the areas has a unique appeal that cause the feeling of living different experiences within the same restaurant. In essence, El Nacional is a trendy restaurant in Barcelona that allows you to immerse yourself in the local life of the city.

It was within the subject of Public Relations of the 3rd course of the Global Communication Management degree that the visit to the restaurant was carried out. Sira Coll, Director of Marketing and Communication of the SB Hotels group and of which El Nacional is part, provided students with a presentation on gastrodiplomacy and culture in times of Covid-19. She provided insights into how El Nacional dealt with the pandemic and what actions it took in order to maintain its essence: promoting local gastronomy and culture. Sira also described specific public relations actions that had taken place, such as El Nacional’s collaboration with Casa Batlló, two key figures in Barcelona’s culture.

The event concluded with a visit to the different spaces of the restaurant. It was certainly a rewarding experience for the students, as they were able to observe what they have been learning in the lessons of the subject, applied to a real and close case.