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Program of the Blanquerna-Emerson 7th Global Summit 2021

The 7th Blanquerna-Emerson Global Summit will take place in our School on October, 7-9th, 2021 organized by the Blanquerna School of Communication and International Relations. This conference will explore the new narratives and mediated realities that have emerged as a response to today’s disrupted world. The main goals of the Summit are to create a global academic, professional and Students best practices network of change agents in Global Communication. To foster and promote new disruptive narratives, communication strategies, messages, storytelling, that break the social, political, and economic Status Quo.To highlight the most relevant topics related to big social and political changes as the COVID-19 pandemic, the economic crisis, and others. And to invite scholars, students, independent researchers, communication practitioners, governmental officials, and business leaders to face new challenges in times of disruption and to rethink their communication actions towards media, community, governments, markets and employees. The Summit 2021 will take place at Main Auditorium FCRI.

Find here the program of the Summit:

FCRI Blanquerna-Emerson GS 21