Training opportunities

5th Cross Cultural Communication Conference

The 5th annual International Cross-Cultural Communication Conference, titled “Communication between cultures – Maintaining connections across closed borders” was hosted by Chulalongkorn University (Thailand) on 23rd September 2021. The conference included a keynote speaker, panel discussions and parallel sessions and it was organized by five universities: Chulalongkorn University (Thailand), Curtin University (Australia, Malaysia, Singapore & UAE), Zayed […]

GCM Activities

Save the date: Blanquerna-Emerson celebrate the 7th Global Summit

The 7th Blanquerna-Emerson Global Summit will take place in Barcelona on October 7-9, 2021 organized by the Center of Global Communication, composed of Blanquerna School of Communication and International Relations together with Emerson College. This conference will explore the new narratives and mediated realities that have emerged as a response to today’s disrupted world.   […]