GCM Activities

3rd year students receive visit from two professionals in PR class

In the context of the subject of public relations of the 3rd year of GCM, the professionals Marta Oliva and Cristina Cabezas have contributed in the last two sessions through their experience in the sector.

On November 11, the session was chaired by Marta Oliva, head of marketing and communication for Grup 62 and Ediciones Destino, of Editorial Planeta. She provided insights into the alignment between public relations and marketing in the publishing sector, as well as how readers ’interest and other indicators can be traced through online tools.

On November 18, we received a visit from Cristina Cabezas, Lead UX Researcher at Changing Health. She gave a presentation on the importance of effective tools in user research and the development of an appropriate strategy and planning.

These visits allow students to receive knowledge and learn about experiences in a more practical way in the field of public relations.