9th Annual Global Communication Summit 

Technology revolution: opportunities and risks in the Communication field 

Blanquerna School of Communications and International Relations, Ramon Llull University, Barcelona. 

December 15-19, 2023



The potential of new technologies, such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), have unleashed all kinds of fears and apprehensions, but also optimistic and hopeful visions — it is said that the changes in the making will provide us with possibilities never seen before in history.

Technological acceleration is also an increasing concern among professionals in the communications sector, whether they are in journalism and corporate communications, advertising, marketing, public relations, film or television. Likewise, the challenges posed for international relations, at a time of tension and geopolitical change, also require in-depth reflections with a global perspective.

This summit invites participants to discuss the dangers and opportunities presented by developing digital technologies in all areas, and it does so from an academic perspective: avoiding alarmism, but also unfounded utopianism. We also call to examine these elements through the lens of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

The summit —organized by the Emerson-Blanquerna Center for Global Communication— will take place in Blanquerna School of Communications and International Relations, Ramon Llull University, Barcelona, on December 15-19, 2023.

The summit hosts keynote speeches, presentations and panels addressing the impact of new technologies on communication, as well as the social, political and economic uncertainties that arise from it.

There are many issues of interest to the summit in terms of technological innovation and its effects. Some examples could be, among many other areas:

  • Technology and the boundary between truth and lies
  • The reconfiguration of communication professions
  • Curricular adaptations in communication studies
  • International and local regulation of emerging technologies
  • Are we facing a new leap forward in marketing and public relations?
  • Data ownership and privacy
  • Technological innovation and the planet: extraction of materials, pollution, energy consumption, etc.
  • Geopolitical tensions and dynamics in relation to technological advances
  • Social and multilateral initiatives related to the regulation and management of the phenomenon
  • Technological impact on Religion
  • Gender, Tech and Innovation

The summit welcomes contributions from scholars, students, independent researchers, communication practitioners, governmental officials, NGO practitioners and business leaders.

A 250-word abstract should be submitted. The deadline has been extended to 13 Novemeber 2023. The abstract should include the purpose, methodology, findings, implications, and originality of the study. Those interested in submitting an abstract should complete all appropriate sections of the following online form: the form is closed. Those interested in only attending the summit – in person or remotely – should also complete the online form and fill out all appropriate sections.

Email acceptance notifications will be sent to the first author of the submission. All authors whose abstract is selected for the conference may submit a full-paper version of their work ahead of the conference. This paper should be between 3000 and 6000 words (excluding references). The paper must be in Word format with a 12-point Times New Roman font and have 1.5 line spacing.

The summit will have a hybrid format, with in-person and virtual panels. The welcome event will take place on December 15, 2023.

The summit is partnered with the international journals Tripodos and American Behavioral Scientist

Organizing Committee

Co-Directors, Center for Global Communication
Prof. Marçal Sintes – marcalso@blanquerna.url.edu
Prof. Greg Payne – gregory_payne@emerson.edu

Members of the organizing committee

Prof. Òscar Mateos – oscarmm2@blanquerna.url.edu
Prof. Vincent Raynauld – vincent_raynauld@emerson.edu 
Prof. Míriam Díez – miriamdb@blanquerna.url.edu
Prof. Jordi Collell – jordicl2@blanquerna.url.edu
Prof. Judith Colell – judithcp1@blanquerna.url.edu
Prof. Sandra Vilajoana – sandrava@blanquerna.url.edu
Prof. Valentina Laferrara – valentinal2@blanquerna.url.edu
Lluc Torrella – lluctl@blanquerna.url.edu
Prof. Elena Yeste – elenayp@blanquerna.url.edu
Prof. David Puertas – davidpg5@blanquerna.url.edu
Roger Negredo – rogernf@blanquerna.url.edu
Prof. Sharifa Simon-Roberts – s_simon_roberts@emerson.edu 
Mr. Shepard Vargo – shepard_vargo@emerson.edu

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