The six levels that constitute our program, English I, English II, English III, English IV, English V, and English VI have been designed according to the needs perceived by both language and communication professionals. The program follows the principles advanced by the Section of Modern Languages of the Council of Europe. Levels I-IV were created from a communicative perspective and are based on task-based methodology.

In each course students have to carry out a series of tasks related to different topics within the four communication fields taught at this university. In those tasks, students will use English, both receptively and productively, to accomplish the objectives set for each task.

As far as materials are concerned, reading and listening exercises have been designed with authentic materials and, therefore, the level of difficulty will be similar for all levels, although the language expectations will be different. This program assumes that beginning students have taken at least 160 hours of English and are therefore familiar with basic grammar structures and vocabulary.

Levels V and VI focus on developing the skills necessary to obtain an Advanced English (C1 level) certificate. These levels use materials taken from various sources, including Cambridge Advanced English exam practice exercises.