Evaluation system

In IR levels 1, 2 & 3, evaluation will take place both throughout the course and at the end of the course, and will consist of:

Final exam 50%:  Oral assessment 25%

Language focus exam 25%

Reading comprehension 25%

Listening comprehension 25%


Class work 50%:  Class oral presentations

Written work, including homework and in-class tests

Listening exercises

Participation in class


Participation in 85% of regular class sessions is a prerequisite for taking the final exam. Those students who fail to meet this criterion have not earned the right to take the end-of-term final exam.

Students must pass at least three of the four parts of the final exam in order to pass the course.


Those students who fail the course in the first term, or who have not earned the right to take the end-of-term exam, must repeat the same level in the second term.


At the end of second term, students who take the exam but fail the course have the right to take the June re-sit exam. The final grade for students taking this exam will take into account: the class grade obtained for continuous evaluation (50%) and the grade on the re-sit exam (50%), that is to say that students must repeat all four parts of the exam.


Students who did not earn the right to take the exam at the end of second term cannot take the re-sit exam and must re-register for the same level in the first term of the following academic year.